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Built By RFP Responder

Before founding RFPIO, we were RFP responders too. We often worked overtime to meet deadlines, so we understand how inefficient the process can be. That led us on a mission to make it better.

RFPIO’s Leadership Team

Ganesh Shankar - RFPIO CEO

Ganesh Shankar

Chief Executive Officer

AJ Sunder - RFPIO Chief Information Officer

AJ Sunder

Chief Information Officer

Sankar Lagudu - RFPIO Chief Operation Officer

Sankar Lagudu

Chief Operating Officer

Manish Bafna - RFPIO VP of Technology

Manish Bafna

VP of Technology
Angela Earl - RFPIO Senior Director of Marketing

Angela Earl

Senior Director of Marketing
David Blume - RFPIO Senior Director of Marketing

David Blume

Senior Sales Director


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Ganesh Shankar – Chief Executive Officer

A highly experienced product manager, Ganesh Shankar has successfully led product development and software implementations for Fortune 500 enterprises as a product manager. It was then, surrounded by an outdated approach to responding to RFP responses, that he pursued his dream to create proposal management software that would make a positive impact on the industry. 
“RFPIO is a product built for RFP responders, by RFP responders. Every feature and function in our application was developed with thoughtfulness—we made sure the benefits would truly support responders experiencing the same inefficiencies we knew ourselves.”

AJ Sunder – Chief Information Officer

An expert information security analyst, AJ Sunder has successfully implemented quality assurance and security programs at IT and Aerospace enterprises. Having been called to assist with RFPs as a technical SME numerous times, he understood the need for a collaborative solution and set out to build a world-class application with RFPIO. 
“When users tell us how RFPIO saved the day, it reassures us that we are on track to accomplishing what we set out to do…build a solution that solves a real business need.”

Sankar Lagudu – Chief Operating Officer

An IT professional with 20+ years of experience, Sankar Lagudu has led cross-functional teams to delivery high-quality products and cost-effective solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises. Sankar’s first hand RFP experience with outdated solutions prompted him to create an industry game-changer…RFPIO. 
“When we first started RFPIO, we were determined to make the RFP response process more tangible and efficient—above all, we put the user’s experience first. Seeing our customers thrive tells us that our mission is working.”

Manish Bafna – VP of Technology

A skilled technical architect, Manish Bafna has worked extensively on machine learning and integrations, leading software implementations at SaaS, Security, and Big Data companies. His direct experience with RFPs as a technical product manager inspired him to build proposal management software that improves efficiency would elevate organizations with a truly efficient process. 
“The purpose of software engineering is to control complexity, not to create it. RFP responders have enough stress and inefficiencies already—we are so happy to see how RFPIO’s technology simplifies the entire response process to make our customers’ lives easier.”

Angela Earl – Senior Director of Marketing

A trusted marketing operations and demand generation expert and Founder/CEO of Haatzama Marketing, Angela Earl is a specialist in the intersection of sales and marketing processes. She joined RFPIO as a strategic consultant, and has successfully led the charge in scaling marketing and sales operations with the company’s growth. 
“I’ve been thrilled to help expand our marketing and sales operations teams. My goal for RFPIO is to continue to hire talent and build programs that solidify our brand as a leader in the space.”

David Blume – Senior Sales Director

An experienced sales leader and proposal strategy evangelist, David Blume specializes in the areas of enterprise software and proposal management. He joined RFPIO as Senior Director of Sales, and his mission is to help proposal teams prioritize and value RFPs, RFIs and Security Questionnaires as strategic revenue-drivers. 
“I’ve spent over ten years in the proposal management space and am passionate about communicating the strategic value of proposals. RFPIO has a fresh perspective on solving the traditional problems that RFP responders face, and that’s why I joined the team.”